Tucked In Millet Pillow


    You wont be milling around when you own a Millet Pillow, you'll be sleeping. Our Natural Millet Hull pillows grab you and hang on with their comfort. Providing a firm yet soft touch. Millet is the perfect pillow filling for the constant toss and turner. Your head will rest in comfort. A comfort that persuades the rest of your body to stay put. Your head is too relaxed. Don't mess it up for the head. If only the body had a Millet Mattress. Hey that's an idea. Maybe someday it will be as lucky as the head.

    What's the head know that the body doesn't? No Chemicals, No Pesticides, and an amazing velvety smooth texture. Unsurpassed neck support-you gotta love that, Right? The head has to take care of its people. How about an inviting natural ventilation that keeps the head cool. Cooler heads prevail. We like that. And guess what? Flexibility with the adjustability. Keeps the head interested. Nice.

    Here's some of the particulars that your head will appreciate:


    • Certified organic filling – no chemicals, no pesticides
    • Inviting texture – velvety and smooth
    • Zippered casing – add/remove hulls to adjust pillow height
    • Unsurpassed neck support – filling is pliable, contours neck line
    • Pillow height – remains the same all night, 24/7
    • Natural ventilation – hulls shift and blow air through filling

    Did we mention to your head that our millet hull pillows have a life span of a minimum of 10 years. Oh my now were talking. We caught the smart portion of the head on that one.

    One more thing for your leader.  All of our Night Pillows are made with unbleached 100% cotton with double seams to counter the weight of the hull filling and to prevent wear-out, plus Millet hull pillows are temperate, which means they do not naturally take on heat or cold. Let your head choose from one of our five different sizes and make the body jealous.

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