Mattress Fitting

You know that you need a new mattress, but how do you know which mattress is right for you? Let us help you. Choosing the perfect bed is impossible without trying it first! We offer mattress fittings that can help you choose a natural mattress that is perfectly suited to your needs.

 We start by asking questions....

How do you sleep?  Which position- side, back or stomach?  Do you sleep hot or cold? Do you wake up with lower back pain?  Numb hands or shoulders?  Are you sensitive to movement? These are examples of some of the questions we ask to pair you with the perfect mattress.

We are non-commissioned sleep experts with one singular goal; find the right sleep solutions for our customers.

A bed made just for you. Come explore the option of building a custom bed just for you.  We offer dual firmness for just the right fit. We offer natural, organic and rubber mattresses that can help you achieve that perfect night of sleep.  Not all mattresses are created equal.  Don't compromise.  Don't buy a mattress based on a picture and description online.  Lets us help create the perfect bed for you-we're awesome at it!

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