Organic Buckwheat or Millet Neck Pillow

This organic pillow is the perfect shape to provide neck support. 
  • 6"x14" cylinder. 
  • Designed for neck support.
  • Organic buckwheat or millet hulls.
  • Organic cotton canvas. 
  • Optional sleeve protector
  • Provides temperature control.
  • Handmade.

This cylindrical pillow will provide superior neck support while keeping you comfortable in both winter and summer. You can adjust the loft by removing or adding hulls. Both buckwheat and millet hulls offer great support, they differ in their size (buckwheat are larger, millet are smaller). Buckwheat hulls can rustle a bit more than the smaller, smoother millet hulls, but they also allow for more airflow. The pillow pictured is shown with the optional sleeve protector.


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