Tucked In Kapok Pillow


Kapok! Kapok! Kapok!

The Kapok Tree is an amazing wonder. Its pretty hard though and doesn't make very good pillows. Fortunately for us the folks that discovered the cloud like fiber in the fruit had a few restless nights themselves and probably gathered a little of the discarded fiber under their heads to form a crude pillow. And wah-lah "Java Cotton"

Place your head on the "Java Cotton" and transform your world into a sleepy dream land. Rest better knowing that your skin is bathed in one of the most eco friendly materials that can be obtained. Deriving from the Kapok Fruit after it has fallen to the ground, the Down like fiber is obtained through a non destructive process that doesn't kill the plant. How great is that? 

Found in the tropics, the tree is huge, fortunately the fibers are small and we can use them to make you a special pillow. 

Kapok feels like Bird Down with a silky aftertaste. A Kapok pillow consumes your head in sleep and takes your body with it. Free of nasty chemicals, these pillows prevent you from enduring a trip on the chemical train of fire retardant's that so many people are riding each night.

Treat yourself to a refreshing nights sleep and dream of the tropics.


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