Silk Comforter by Cozy Earth

We found the best silk comforter around.  Cozy Earth took an ancient symbol of royal luxury and re-imagined it for the contemporary. Our unrivaled silk comforter is what started it all. Each silk-filled comforter is handmade using the finest 100% premium bamboo fabric as the outer shell, and 100% long-strand Mulberry Silk fiber filling on the inside. This patent pending design is amazingly effective because it’s not only soft and luxurious, but it’s also moisture wicking.

Our silk comforters keep you from overheating at night as well as give you the hypoallergenic and organic benefits of bamboo. As a result, you’ll experience comfort that is superior in softness, and luxury that actually facilitates a better night’s sleep.

The reason we combine a bamboo shell with silk filling is two-fold:
1. Bamboo is comparable to the softest Egyptian cotton.
2. Bamboo and silk share some of the same natural benefits, such as: being moisture wicking, hypoallergenic anti-bed bug, anti-bacterial, anti-mold, and organic.

By combining these two materials we have created what our customers say is the perfect comforter.

Our Cozy Earth silk filled comforter is like no other Mulberry Silk comforter on the planet because we work exclusively and directly with our factory to produce the highest quality comforter at the most competitive price.

We own our patent pending design and control every aspect of its manufacturing. In addition, we don’t cut any corners in production like other companies who say they use “long-strand Mulberry Silk”, but actually sandwich shorter strands between longer strand, thus reducing the lifespan and softness of the comforter.

Like our traditional bamboo dual comforters, our dual silk comforter offers the same quality of sleep for both partners. This design features a “half and half” design where one side is a heavier “winter weight” and the other side is a lighter “all season weight”. By using two different weights, both sleeping partners can relax and feel better at night knowing that their partner is as comfortable as they are.

Why continue to fight with your partner over bedding when you can both sleep comfortably? See for yourselves the difference the Cozy Earth silk filled comforter can do for you and your partner.

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