What Is A Rubber Mattress

August 08, 2016

A natural latex mattress is an upgrade in every way. It is sustainable, breathable, chemical free, biodegradable, supportive, and comfortable.

It will help you sleep because of all these reasons:

  • Unlike popular memory foam, a latex mattress will never lose shape, but it provides adequate damping of motion transfer and adequate spinal support. Meaning you don't sink in uncomfortably during certain bedroom maneuvers..
  • Latex mattresses also last on average at least 20 years, compared to 5 years for memory foam. You can actually save money by choosing Dunlop Latex. Latex mattresses by Ergovea are completely organic, having no chemicals that cause autism, ADHD, or obesity. Other mattresses cannot make the same claim.
  • The Dunlop Latex process is the most tested and results in the most supportive mattress. The rubber is filtered then vulcanized, leaving a particulate free, organic, super supportive mattress core.