Tips to In Flight Sleeping

October 16, 2017

We know it's tricky to sleep on planes BUT it is especially difficult to sleep naturally and healthily on planes. Here are a few of our expert travel tips to sleeping clean and comfortable on your next overnight flight!

The Best Seat.

Know the seat that is best for you! Whether that is the seat next to the aisle so you can have easy access to the restroom or if thats next to the window so you can rest your head, make sure it suits your needs. Alyx Brown, a sports chiropractor at Arvada Sport and Spine Group states that stretching your legs is  important for your circulation and relaxation. Reclining the chair will also help ease pressure on your lower lumbar, this can allow for easier relaxation. 

Keep the Routine.

Flying can cause your sleep schedule to go out of whack but try to stick to your routine. If you can schedule a flight that matches your routine then do but if not then stick to your bedtime routine. Fore example if you brush and wash your teeth every time you go to bed then do that! If reading always calms you down before sleeping then pack your current read in your carry on. 

Dress Comfy, Be Comfy.

So before you go into a interview you dress for success, it's the same with flying. Dress for your own comfort and you will be comfortable (at least as comfortable you can be crammed near 200 strangers). Your pilled sweater, worn, and faded sweater that always keeps you warm is perfect for this occasion. Wear your softest and most beloved leggings, oversized shirts, sweatpants, cardigans, and socks while flying.

Limit Screen Time.

Blue light radiated from your computer, tablet, cell phone, and television keeps your body from producing melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that controls your body’s circadian, twenty-four-hour cycle, rhythm that regulates your sleeping and waking cycles. Straying away from our electronic devices a half hour before sleep can improve your sleep. Instead of spending time on distracting devices let your body relax by reading a book or practicing pre-sleep rituals.

Stay clean.

To avoid relying on sleep pills (e.g. drugs that contain melatonin) try bringing your favorite essential oils. You can rub it into your pressure points, put it on a handkerchief or even get a necklace that diffuses the oils. Our favorite for relaxation is lavender! -- Also try to skip the alcohol, it will only allow you to sleep for a few hours of sleep then hinder your sleep for the rest of the journey. It could also cause you to be dehydrated, need more water, and take more bathroom trips.