The Perfect Sheets

November 11, 2017

When thinking about the best night sleep you should first think of the perfect mattress and pillow combination. Your next thought should be the perfect sheets, it is then you are in the right place! Since you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping and your skin is in direct contact with your sheets, it's pretty important to find a set you love and that is high quality.

We know that searching for a set of sheets isn't easy and it can be frustrating filtering through hundreds of cotton sheets in various shades of white. Below is our criteria for finding the perfect sheets for you and your partner.

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Knowing your needs and wants when it comes to sheets is the first priority. If you need sheets to cool you down versus sheets that will insulate you then you are looking at very different materials

Cotton Sheets

Dependable, predictable, and simple. Cotton sheets are perfect for the freshman headed off to college and the everyday man but can be more luxurious than first perceived. Organic cotton needs to feel good on your skin and be soothing on your conscience. It is possible to find soft, highly breathable and naturally hypoallergenic.

With the perfect blend of beauty, durability, and comfort, bedding can be made by using no pesticides and carcinogenic chemicals. When looking for organic sheets strive to find certified organic cotton. Organic cotton should be grown and processed free of pesticides, harmful dyes, and carcinogenic chemicals. Many of our stocked sheets are certified organic according to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the international stringent standard for organic textiles.

These sheets are perfect for the sleeper who needs a soft, durable set of sheets that will lead to a comfortable night sleep.

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Why is this relevant to Tucked In?

We have partnered with the Park Victorian Hotel to give you the best sleep experience. With the installation of our mattresses in the Park Victorian, we have dressed all our beds with Sol sheets, pillowcases, and duvets. We believe that this triple threat of Tucked In mattresses, Sol bedding, and Park Victorian atmosphere will give you and your family the most luxurious and relaxing nights sleep. If you enjoy your sleep on these sheets at the Park Victorian you can purchase them at Tucked In down the road from the hotel or order them from Sol.

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Eucalyptus Sheets

Here are the benefits: sustainable production, moisture wicking, resistance to wrinkles, comfortable in all temperatures, and even hygienic. Woven Tencel sheets from Malouf is made from the synthetic fiber found from cellulose fibers in eucalyptus trees. The wood fibers are spun into yarn which is then woven together to create breathable and durable fabric.

Tencel is sustainable. It is created through a closed-loop process that allows for almost all its non-toxic solvent to be recovered and recirculated. Along with the revived nature of the eucalyptus tree, the product is long lasting and durable. Its moisture management and wicking make the fabric breathable in all climates also lend itself to limiting bacterial growth and producing a set of hygienic sheets. Along with these properties, since the fabric is created from smooth fibers, it leads to soft, flexible, and comfortable sleeping. These sheets are perfect for a sleeper who needs a breathable and cooling sleep environment.

Linen Sheets

Linen is created from the flax plant, a diverse and renewable resource. Linen fabric is biodegradable and highly absorbent, temperature regulating and becomes softer after each wash. This blend of fibers is a breathable fabric which can wick away moisture, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Some studies have suggested that linen bedding can improve sleep-- the study from the University of Milan found that you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up in a better mood after sleeping on linen sheeting.