Sol Organic Sheets - Ethically Soft Sheets

May 25, 2017

Founded by two friends in Minneapolis with a background in sustainable fibers and a passion for creating beautiful, useful products, Sol aims to revolutionize organic linens.

Organic for the Planet, Fair Trade for the Farmer, & Awesome for You.

“We saw the gimmickry around thread counts, lack of supply chain transparency and the markups being taken by companies on the certified organic cotton premium,” said Vishal Naithani, a founder of Sol. “Either the sheets were well made and overpriced, or they were made with inflated thread counts using conventional cotton, which has devastating human and environmental effects.”

To get it right, Sol sent high end traditional sheets to a top international textile lab, which analyzed their thread counts, staple, weave and construction.

Their common finding? Luxury sheets featuring long-staple cotton, single-ply construction and a 300 thread count offer a softer, smoother surface. However, the majority of sheets over 400 thread count had floating threads, called picks, used to inflate the thread count without enhancing quality or comfort.

Today, Sol uses only superb quality long-staple organic cotton to produce its smooth, soft sheets. Their customers enjoy the highest level of comfort on them. Both GOTs and Fair Trade Certified. To find out more visit Sol Organics.

Why is this relevant to Tucked In

We have partnered with the Park Victorian Hotel to give you the best sleep experience. To learn more about this partnership visit our previous blog post. With the instillation of our mattresses in the Park Victorian we have dressed all our beds with Sol sheets, pillow cases, and duvets. We believe that this triple threat of Tucked In mattresses, Sol bedding, and Park Victorian atmosphere will give you and your family the most luxurious and relaxing nights sleep. If you enjoy your sleep on these sheets at the Park Victorian you can purchase them at Tucked In down the road from the hotel or order them from Sol.