Last Minute Gift Guide

December 21, 2016

Hello last minute shoppers! Just like last year, we have gathered a list of our favorite gift products to add to your last minute shopping list. This holiday season we are here to help you!  All products can be found in store or online. Good luck and Happy Holidays. 

1. Perfect for the mothers, sisters, and wives in your life, we carry several lines of luxurious sheets to please the soul. Whether you choose between Coyuchi, Yala, or our own line  and several other brands in the store these sheets are great for anyone who deserves a treat. 

2. We all know that one person who is always stressed, the Essential Oils we carry are perfect for detoxing and relaxing. These are highly concentrated plant essences extracted from hundreds of pounds of plant material. Everything that is good about the plant is reflected in its essential oil. Essential oils can be used for personal care, disinfection and healing. 

Our Bamboo Diffuser (we also carry Ceramic Diffusers) is great for your loved ones who like clean air and a great smelling home. Crafted from fallen trees in Thailand with our contributions to reforestation. Natural wood houses latest ultrasonic technology to perform strong therapeutic misting. 

3. Know someone in need of a pamper session, then The Savvy Heart Body Scrub is perfect for them! Whether they’re a coffee addict or not, this body resurfacer provides amazing skin benefits. The Savvy Heart has combined espresso with multiple sugars and luxurious oils to combat problems such as redness, inflammation, and cellulite while leaving your skin ultra moisturized.

4. Our beautiful and effective Salt Lamps place a little goodness into those who love a clean and pure atmosphere. Each lamp is truly a unique piece of natural art with its own distinctive coloration and shape. These things are beautiful. Get one for the bedroom and start to feel ionized.

5. Have a picky friend or family member? Get them a Holiday Gift card, you don't have to stress over a gift and they get the perfect present for themselves! Wrapped in special packaging, our Gift Cards are delivered by mail and can be redeemed online, in stores or by phone.

6. Perfect for the snoozers in your life is our Coyuchi Unisex Waffle Robe. The classic spa robe, reinvented as only Coyuchi can. Made from organic cotton in an airy, drapey waffle weave, it’s prewashed to be soft from day one and get more so with every wash. Cotton is 100% organic, and sourced and woven in Turkey. We have many other robes in stock at the store that are unavailable online.

7. Last but certainly not least, this gift is best for those who need a great nights sleep. Whether for yourself, a friend, or a family member you are bound to find the best pillow (click here to find the perfect pillow), it's the gift that keeps on giving, sleep! We also carry Faceplant Dreamz pillow cases in store, perfect for your family members who love a comedic touch.