Importance of Choosing the Right Mattress

December 13, 2017

We all know that comfort is key to buying the right mattress, but did you know that your health is effected by the mattress you buy? We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, thats a lot of time tossing, turning, back and neck aches, and breathing in toxic chemicals if you aren't sleeping on the right mattress. 

Many people are perplexed to learn that not all mattresses or even natural latex is created equal. Traditional mattresses are pumped with fillers and toxic chemicals that are harmful to you and your family. And as a matter of fact, there is a world of difference between natural latex and synthetic latex. 

Natural latex is manufactured from sap tapped from rubber trees, then it is either vulcanized (Dunlop method) or frozen, then vulcanized (Talalay method.) I don't want to get too involved in which method is better, because it's hugely dependent upon the processing facility and a number of other factors. Again, that's where you have to be careful. There are many manufacturers who tout their product as “natural latex”, when in fact it's actually a blend of natural AND synthetic. Interestingly, Dunlop and Talalay latex can be either natural or synthetic. Needless to say, Caveat emptor -- do your research.

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Synthetic latex, being chemically based, has a tendency to break down more quickly than natural latex. If you've ever had a warranty issue with a mattress, you'll understand immediately. Have you ever had a body impression in your mattress measured by your friendly local mattress salesman and told that it's “normal wear and tear?”

Finding the perfect mattress that fits your body correctly is also key to sleeping better at night. When on the search for a mattress, be sure to find a retailer that can correctly fit a mattress to you not you to a standard mattress. This is a big investment and purchasing the bed that allows you the proper sleep you need.