• B&B Quality Bedding in our own Home

    We recently stayed at Park Victorian in Auburn, a beautiful up and coming bed and breakfast with the most amazing linens from Tucken In in downtown Auburn.We popped into Tucked In before dinner and we were impressed with the selection and amazing customer service. In need of new bed pillows, Brandy delivered our two selections to the Park Victorian so we could try them out. They encourage their customers to try the products and you can take them home for a few days before buying! We were sold and we both ordered our new pillows and sheets. They delivered our items to our house and I've been enjoying amazing sleep since! We will be back for more bed linens and other goodies soon and will be our go to place from now on. An added bonus- the prices are reasonable and you are supporting a local business. Thank you for the sweet dreams Brandy and Oscar!

    Barbara G.

  • Cleaning Up Our Sleep
    As a family, we’ve been trying to create better health through less toxic environments. But what about sleep and that environment? We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. This question led me to research about our physical, mental and emotional health is directly correlated to our quality of sleep. Unfortunately, I discovered our mattresses could not only be acting as cancer-causing radiation antennas but also are likely full of chemicals that disrupt hormones, cause insomnia and can leave you waking up robbed of true, quality sleep. As a family, we agreed we needed to go organic and found Brandy Alvis, the owner of Tucked In. She is extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly answered every question I had. Brandy is a pioneer in the world of organic sleep, and she’s up with the latest and greatest in the field. Her sources have a story, and that makes the purchasing experience all the more meaningful. You can test drive all of the mattresses, pillows, and bedding in her Auburn, CA store. OUR INVESTMENTS IN SLEEP HEALTH: We now sleep on Ergovea’s Valencia mattress. As primarily a side sleeper, I no longer wake up with shoulder pain as the mattress gives where it needs while comfortably supporting. I look forward to bed. It’s my place to restore, rest and recover. We also now sleep on Sachi Organic Rejuvenation pillows. They are filled with millet or buckwheat hulls with an outer chamber of wool. These pillows are AMAZING! These new organic mattresses and pillows have been life changing and health supporting.
    nInvest in your sleep at Tucked In.

    Cyndie Vasquez 

  • Beautiful Gem in Auburn, CA

    My husband and I tried so many beds and stores in the area until I came across Tucked In online. What caught my eye is that they are a natural mattress and bedding store. Literally tucked in the back of the old Auburn shops is this beautiful little jem. Upon walking in I had a feeling we would be leaving with a bed purchase. Brandy and her son were welcoming and made the entire process exciting, comfortable, informative, fun and overall a fantastic experience. It really stood out from all of the other places we had previously visited from the customer service to the quality of their products. We felt no pressure at all to make a purchase and Brandy took her time to answer all of our questions as well as giving us great information. We ended up purchasing a king organic latex bed, pillows to help our neck issues and pillows for my husbands knee problems. We have had our bed for a little less than a week now but we both feel a huge improvement in the way we sleep and how rested we feel in the morning. I am extremely happy with our purchase and highly recommend others to pay Tucked In a visit. I felt her prices were very reasonable too.

    Lindsay C.

  • "Favorite ever" Pillow

    You won't be sorry if you take a drive up the hill from Sacramento to a quiet little store where  you will be greeted by a friendly knowledgeable young lady whom you feel right at home with. I have been there a few times already. I bought some organic pillows and was so impressed by my level of sleep having made such a difference that I decided to check out mattresses and bedding. I must say now after purchasing mattresses and bedding, I pull my comforter up and snuggle into my "favorite ever" pillow covered by the best silk pillowcase I have ever used and I slip off into a much longer sleep before, the last thing I remember at night is the big smile on my face! Can't wait to make my next trip there to see if any new products are in. Don't let this store slip by you!

    Vickie G.